Mums & Tots (6-24 months)

Our classes take place in a wonderfully warm, private, indoor  atmosphere, with no surrounding noise and distraction. The focus is always on fun and enjoying the water. Our aim is to give parents the confidence to enjoy the water with their children whenever they want. We can offer private classes to small groups of mums who want to come as a group together. Just contact us if you are keen.

Mums and Tots Classes currently take place on Wednesday mornings with Catherine during term time. Catherine is an extremely experienced swim teacher.

Book directly on the Preschool Lessons page.

Do ring us on 035403316 if you have any questions.

Babies less than one year old accept the water more readily than older children.
Fear of water is acquired as children grow older; the longer a child is kept away from water, the more likely the child will develop aquaphobia.
Early mastery of water movements gives children a head start in learning basic swimming skills.
Warm water combined with gentle exercise relaxes and stimulates babies’ appetites. They usually eat and sleep better on swimming days.
Babies flourish in the focused attention their parents lavish on them during swimming lessons.
Swimming provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with their parents that psychologists say may deepen the bond between parent and child.
Learning to swim is not only a fun, healthy activity but a safety measure as well.

Cancellation Policy.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a lesson for any reason we will replace it at a future date. We will announce this at the bottom of our home page.

If customers book lessons and then choose to cancel them we will refund the course costs minus a $10 administration fee per child booked, provided we can refill the booking. This of course becomes less likely the closer we are to the start date or once the course has actually started.

Missed Lesson Policy

Provided we have space available in an equivalent lesson, at another time, you are welcome to “catch up” in that lesson. We cannot guarantee this however as many of our lessons are fully booked.