School-age lessons (5 years +)

School aged lessons take place each term and normally run for 7 weeks. Each holiday we also offer a 5 day intensive course which is a great way to see quick improvement in stroke technique.

During term 4/summer holidays/term 1 our lessons are split between the indoor pool and the outdoor pool. Level 0, Level 1 and level 2 lessons are indoor and level 3, level 4 and level 5 (triathlon training) are outdoor.

To make a booking

– just click on the  appropriate “book this course” button in the booking table at the bottom.
Please look at the Swim Level Table before booking your lessons. If you are unsure of your child’s level a great option is to book the pool for a family swim and let us know you are coming. We can then do a quick assessment whilst you are there.

Swimming Level – Guide

Levels Description of your child’s CURRENT swimming ability Teacher/pupil ratio Duration Location This level is working towards :- Video
Level 0 Total beginner. Will NOT put face in the water. 1:3(sometimes with parent help) 20 minutes Indoor pool -beginners area. working towards :- Water confidence above and below surface. N/A
Level 1 Beginner  Beginner that will HAPPILY submerge in the water, but is unable to swim a width unaided. 1:3 20 minutes Indoor  pool (0.4-0.8 metres). working towards :- streamline continuous straight legs kicking on front and back. “Rocketing”
Level 1 Improver Higher Level 1 who can “rocket” across the width with straight legs and streamlined body. Can kick on back across width of indoor pool 1:4 20 minutes Indoor pool (0.7 metres). working towards :- “long arms” freestyle  with continuous streamline kicking on front and back.Working towards swimming lengths of indoor pool using arms and legs simultaneously.
Level 2 Can swim 10 metres of freestyle with a good long leg kick, streamlined, head down, body position and with “long arms” that recover out of
the water. Can kick 10 meters on back with good long leg kick.
1:5 20 minutes Indoor Pool (0.8 metres). working towards :- Perfecting long
arm freestyle and backstroke.Introducing breathing to the side on freestyle. Breaststroke introduction.
Level 3 Can confidently spend the whole lesson swimming lengths of freestyle and
backstroke with a good streamlined body position on front and back. Has mastered basic breathing to the side on freestyle.
1:6 25 minutes Whole OUTDOOR pool length.(indoor pool Easter to October). working towards :- Strong streamlined freestyle with smooth breathing to both sides.
Strong backstroke, with streamline body position. Correct breaststroke leg kick.
Level 4 Swims at, or near, club/interschool/ competitive level. 1:6 25 minutes Whole OUTDOOR pool length(indoor pool Easter -October). working towards :- High quality freestyle and backstroke. Correct breaststroke
technique and butterfly development. Racing dives and turns.

We strongly recommend that children have more than 1 lesson a week if possible.


Courses Duration Lessons per week Commencing on: Price Book
Term 2 2021 Course  
 6 weeks Each course offers 1 lesson per week. Monday 10th May 2021 $98  Book this course
Autumn Holiday Intensive  2021 1 week. 5 lessons a
week – Monday to Friday.
19th -23rd April 2021 1 week  $80.  Book this course

Once you have decided on a level and a course, you can secure your lesson, and your preferred time, by booking instantly online

Cancellation Policy.

We swim in virtually all weather conditions, so bring an umbrella with you if it’s raining. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a lesson for any reason (such as lightning storms) we will offer a free swim at the chalet pools for each swimmer. We will announce this at the bottom of our home page.

If customers book lessons and then choose to cancel them we will refund the course costs minus a $10 administration fee per child booked, provided we can refill the booking. This of course becomes less likely the closer we are to the start date, or once the course has actually started.

Missed Lesson Policy

Provided we have space available in an equivalent lesson, at another time, you are welcome to “catch up” in that lesson. We cannot guarantee this however as many of our lessons are fully booked.