Why Choose Us?

Our aim will always be to offer the highest quality, best value for money, swimming lessons in our region.

Swimming lessons come at a price and we aim to ensure they are worth every penny. 

Remember this is not just another sports activity for your child! Swimming lessons save lives.



We believe a good swim school requires a number of simple ingredients –

Large swim schools require many teachers, and good teachers are hard to find. We have a small team of highly experienced and highly qualified teachers. We do not teach the same blanket lesson plan to all pupils in the class, because at any level there will, inevitably, be a range of abilities. Consequently, we offer different feedback to every pupil, depending on their needs.

Our indoor and outdoor pools are brand new, warm and very private. A far cry from busy council owned pools. They offer a perfect, year round, non threatening learning environment to our children.
We aim to give your children the same teacher for every lesson. We feel this helps to build trust between pupil and teacher and brings with it better results.

Summer only lessons can produce great improvements, but they are simply not cost effective. If children then stop swimming for 8 months of the year, much of the improvement is lost. Consistent, year round practice and instruction is the only way to sustain long term improvement.  We are delighted to be able to offer this to all our pupils.